Far Away Land

The Far Away Land RPG is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game with elements of sci-fi, horror, humor, and pop-culture.

I’m a fan of the adventure time style at work, and the simple Hero Kids like dice mechanism.

Little Far Away Land

To make the transition from kids used to playing Hero Kids to FAL easier, or to play FAL with kids, I made a simplified Character sheet for kids to use. It is inspired by the version of Skywalker and my own take on the Hero Kids sheets.

Download Little Far Away Land Sheet

Furthermore I propose some rule modifications to simplify the game itself.

First, only use the rules from the FAL QuickStart, which as an additional benefit is free! Of course you might also want to purchase the other FAL material for additional monsters and such. But the FAL QuickStart contain the essentials of the game, which is exactly what we need.

Additionally I propose the following simplifications:

Limit the number of boons and flaws to one +2 boon, two +1 boons and one -2 flaw (see simplified character sheet).

Give the character one light weapon appropriate for their abilities to start with.

Do not use action points: Everyone has two actions. And everything is one action, moving, attacking or other actions.

Use Simple magic: In order to cast spells a character just needs the Arcane boon. To keep it light, limit the number of available spells to a handful appropriate for the adventure. Let the Arcane characters pick two to start.

Use Simple damage: Just use weapon damage. This eliminates the need to calculate the MoS.

That is it! More complex rules can then be added over time or when a certain adventure demands it.

Island of the rat wizard

Battle map pack (coming soon)