Pagius Hero Kids Compatible Expansions

Expansions for the Hero Kids RPG, the award-winning fantasy RPG for kids.

Alternative Character Cards

The Hero Kids Character dice pools are mainly designed to be used as a combat system. However, the rules also allow for use in role playing, having the pools double as skill pools. Unfortunately this creates the “Smart Wizards, Dumb everyone else?” problem, as described in the article from Spiralbound Studios. Inspired by this article and the subsequent discussion on the RPG Kids Community, I developed an alternative Hero Kids Character Card layout that can be used to mitigate the issue. It is released for free under the Hero Kids Compatibility Licence.

Download Alternative Character Cards

The card layout features strength, dexterity and intelligence pools that can be used for all ability checks following the normal Hero Kids rules. For combat the three types (melee, ranged and magic) are represented together with their range. The use of the pools for combat also just follows the Hero Kids rules, having the combat type now use the associated ability dice pool.

Mythical Heroes

Hero Kids

A set of two heroes created using the Alternative Character Card layout: an Elf Bowman and a Wizard.

Download Mythical Heroes

Magical Heroines

Magical Heroines

A set of two Magical Heroines created using the Alternative Character Card layout: a Healer and a Fairy.

Download Magical Heroines

Fantastic Beasts

A set of two Fantastic Beasts, that can be used as companions for your heroes or heroines, created using the Alternative Character Card layout: a Phoenix and a Manticore.

Download Fantastic Beasts

Mythical Monsters


A set of two monsters: a Hydra and an Ent

Download Mythical Monsters


Printable tokens to represent the remaining health and potions, and some generic ‘magic’ tokens. Furthermore, a set of ‘ability test tokens’ is also provided, representing the three difficulty targets an ablity test can have. This provides a nice visual cue for kids.

Download Tokens

Pagius Book of Spells - Volume 1

Pagius Book of Spells

The Pagius Book of Spells is a Hero Kids compatible expansion that adds Spellcasting to your Hero Kids adventure.

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Pagius Equipment Pack One


A set of eight equipment cards for use in your Hero Kids adventure. The set includes:

  • fire arrows
  • elder wand
  • broad sword
  • dragonscale shield
  • rope
  • book of lore
  • power potion
  • stamina potion

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